Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Whole Herd of Minis

A Mennonite farm just outside of Kutztown, PA.  This farmer builds furniture and custom wagons and trains minis, ponies and horses for driving.  The critters are their main method of transportation and all of his kids hitch up and drive.  It was a very windy, chilly day and it was hard to hold the camera steady.  Lots of babies this spring.

Most of the herd
(the larger pinto in the background is 1/2 Gypsy cob)

Standing with their butts to the wind
(check out the white mane on the one mama standing over her baby)

Dozing in the sun

Wondering what the heck I was doing


Intense Guy said...

I've never seen so many "little horses" at one time! LOL@Standing with their butts to the wind - keeps that cold blow out of their eyes huh? :)

Sydney said...

OHMYGEE!!! I want a big herd of minis!! They are sooo damn cute!

The Wife said...

Anything mini is just precious! Too cute.

Ed said...

Too cute, I saw a few of them over the weekend..:-)

Rising Rainbow said...

Minis are known for their "hair" I think. I've seen others with manes like that. LOL

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