Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saturday's Show

Saturday was Buxmont's third gymkhana of the season.  It was a tough one because we had hoped to bring Jet along with Kali.  T was the leader in year end points on both Zip and Kali so she didn't want to miss a show.  She works really hard getting ready for the shows and wants to do the best she absolutely can so missing it wasn't really an option.  She did really well including a first in barrels and she added 18 more points to her year end total.  T and Kali are working towards becoming a really good team.

Warming up

Ring Spear


I love this picture.  Kali has no feet on the ground.

Speed and Action - Kali didn't do well on this one. 
She was trying to guess the pattern and was confused as to what direction she was supposed to go. 
They are doing great considering this is only the third show together.


1 comment:

Intense Guy said...

Kali looks like a spirited horse - I'm sure T will have her winning honors in no time.

Do it for Jet, Kali.

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