Saturday, June 26, 2010

Share the Road!

I don't normally rant on this blog but I'm going to today.  I live in a pretty small rural town.  We routinely encounter farm vehicles and tractors, ATVs, motorcycles and various forms of wildlife on the road.  Because the back roads are winding and hilly, it seems to be a favorite spot for cyclists.  The MS ride and the LiveStrong ride both come through our town.  Lance Armstrong even rode through with a police escort the first year the LiveStrong ride came to town.  Those rides are well marked and organized and for the most part the riders are courteous.  We simply avoid the race routes on race day and every goes their merry way.

The Lance-wanna-be's that ride around the area drive me nuts!!!!  For some reason, they seem to think that a bicycle gives you free license to ride where you want.  We've even had a cyclist pull out in front of our truck hauling a loaded horse trailer with no reguard to the fact that a vehicle was on the road and she rode in the middle of the lane.  

Case in point:

I apologize for the poor quality but I took this with the cell phone through the windshield.  This is a group of about 30 riders that I was behind for about 2 miles prior to me taking this pic.  I drove slowly and gave them their space.  Some of them were courteous and moved over to the side of the road but most did not.  What makes you think that it's perfectly ok to not only ride in the middle of the road in a group but to ride in the oncoming lane???????

If I was walking on foot, jogging, walking the dogs, or riding my horse, I obey the rules of the road and give the cars the right of way, stay to the side and ride/walk single file.  I ride and hike on multi-use trails locally and always make way for the fellow users of the trail.

Cyclists, for crying out loud, SHARE THE ROAD before you become part of it!

OK, rant over...enjoy your day :o)


lisa said...

Oh, do I agree, and reality, why should they really have the same rights as cars? Do they have 4 wheels go over 100 miles per hour or 65, or 55 or even 40 NOOOOOOO. If we have to share the least they can do is get the hell over so us faster vehicals can go on our merry way!

Ed said...

ARRRGH! I hate that, just do what I do...sneak up behind them nice and slowly then blast the air horn! Just kidding I'm a patient driver, especially with the amish..;-)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Several times a year my normally one-hour drive home from work takes 2 or 3-hours thanks to bicycle races. Those bicyclists line up across the entire highway in clumps and will not let cars pass. If they are going to ride that way, the highway patrol should just close the route to cars, so that us tired, hungry drivers can get home by some other route without being taken by surprise by a race we didn't know about. I see signs all over the place with pictures of bicycles saying, "Share the Road" to drivers, but it should go both ways.

Intense Guy said...

I hate bikes on the Perk and Schuylkill Trails... they always seem to think they are in a race and whiz by way too close.

Some people are just inconsiderate in most things they do.. I suspect these bike riders are equally bad car drivers.

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