Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stahl's Pottery Summer Festival

On Saturday, we visited Stahl's Pottery 23rd Annual Summer Festival in Zionsville, PA.  I had seen ads in the small local papers last year and this year so we decided to check it out.  Craig and T collect face jugs and I love rustic pottery so I thought it would be something that we would all enjoy.

From Stahl's website:
Stahl redware, a traditional Pennsylvania German style of pottery, was first produced by Charles Stahl from approximately 1850, until his death in 1896. Upon his death, his sons Thomas and Isaac took over the family business. The brothers continued making pottery until 1902, when the small family-run business found that it could not compete with mass-production pottery manufacturers....Pottery-making began in 1934 at the current site of the Stahl Pottery.   You can read more of the history of Stahl's here.

The Potters displaying their wares

The stone barn

The kids wheel (on the left) and the Kiln (on the right)
The outside temperature was in the 90s so I didn't get too close to the kiln

The potting shed

Some of the wares available for sale

This was by far my favorite artist, Andy Loercher, of Folk Art Pottery in Redware in Lancaster, PA.  I just loved all of his designs and the colors that he used.  He was very friendly and a real pleasure to talk to.  Andy's pottery is also in the lower left of the collage above.

I found a local artist, also in Zionsville, that makes horse hair pottery, Pottery by Bachert.  The pottery is molded, sanded, and fired.  When the pot is removed, the hair is added while the pot is hot.  The hair carbonizes and leave marks on the pottery.  When Jet died, I clipped pieces of his mane, hair and forelock.  I did the same with Diego when he died 2 years ago.  I would like to have a piece of pottery made, maybe with hair from both of them.  I will be contacting Pottery by Bachtert to see what my options are.

We didn't buy anything on Saturday but plan on going back for the October show and I took business cards from several artists that I liked including Andy Loercher.  It was fun to see something new and discover local craftsman.


Intense Guy said...

Sounds like you made the best of it on a very warm day!

It will be interesting to see what becomes of the horse-hair pottery search.

Linda said...

I'd love to see that...but then I love pottery!

The Wife said...

Very cool stuff! You can't beat a pretty piece of pottery.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE pottery!! The show really looks interesting. :)

It's too hot here to even go outside!! And poor Chuck has spent the last three days doing some plumbing work under the house! It's fixed now. :)

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