Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Brenda Photo Challenge - Freedom

The theme of this challenge is Freedom - What represents FREEDOM to YOU! A loose fitting pair of Jeans??Lolol....or the FREEDOM of our Nation or Nations....You Decide! What does the word FREEDOM "say" to YOU!

The American flag is the epitome of Freedom, especially on Independence Day
The flag hanging in the doorway to the indoor arena

I've never done it but I imagine a ride in a hot air balloon is the epitome of freedom
This balloon was flying over the barn last week

The freedom to just "be"
My horses quietly grazing after the heat wave broke
This is one of my favorite times to just sit in the pasture - it's very peaceful 
Kali, Annie and Zip


Ed said...

Great shots, I LOVE the flag pic.:-)

Donna said...

Lovely Shots! How wonderful to have seen the balloon flying overhead!
Happy weekend to you!

Intense Guy said...

Annie really stands out in contrast with the other two!

A balloon ride to nowhere in particular would be so "freeing".

Enjoy the freedom you have on this Fourth of July weekend!

Brenda said...

Great examples of Freedom!!!

Out on the prairie said...

Great post, I enjoy your horses and other blogs you posted about them I have went to many shows,, but enjoy hearing personable bits from their owners. I live near a number of Amish and horses are their passion. I enjoy being around the big drafts and their carriage horses.

WR said...

Love your blog! The hot balloon is wonderful. Horses...always the best!

Pat said...

I love seeing everyone's interpretation of "Freedom". All the entries are so different - and so spectacular! These are great - all symbolizing freedom in their own way!

Linda said...

Great interpretation of freedom! For me freedom would be having my books caught up:(

Donna said...

The picture of those beautiful horses just melt my heart! Let freedom ring!

Ann said...

Love your photos. The blur surrounding the flag looks so dreamy. The picture of the horses is my favorite. Such beautiful animals.

Sandy said...

Lots of great freedoms!

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