Saturday, July 17, 2010

Equal Face Time - Annie

Rosie has been getting so much attention - because she genuinely needs it - but I don't want to forget the other new girl. I was joking around the other day that Annie is like the middle child right now, squashed somewhere between Kali and Rosie (somehow I ended up with 3 mares - ?).  Kali is the popular one that everyone loves and Rosie is the one that needs the most attention right now.  That leaves Annie who deserves some equal face time.  She's filling out nicely and is getting used to us.  She got her feet trimmed last weekend and we definitely need to work on picking up her feet nicely (it's really just the left front that she has an issue with).  She's really different than any other horse we've had in temperment and personality.  I like her.

We're off to the Buxmont gymkhana this afternoon, hauling Zip and Kali.  Wish us luck!


Intense Guy said...

Hope you enjoyed the Gymkhana!

I like Annie's dark spots against her near glow in the dark whiteness - is she hard to keep clean? I bet if rolled in the mud she'd look a lot messier than the others!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! She's gorgeous!


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