Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Trail Ride

Sunday morning we tacked up for a trail ride in the fields, woods, and creek near the barn.  Craig sort of trailed us where he could so he could take pictures.  The grass in the fields was at least 3 feet high and it was really hot in the open but once we got in the trees, it was noticeably cooler and the bugs were less.  We even went into the creek for a bit.  The trails are awesome and my favorite type - narrow, treed and quiet.

Through the trees in a large field

Through the open field

Just after crossing the bridge and heading back to the farm

Up the driveway and back to the barn

I didn't bring a camera with me on the ride since we have never trail ridden Zip or Kali before (I wanted to give Annie more time to settle in) and I didn't want to try to take pics along the way.  We had one episode with Kali in the woods when Kali got bit by some kind of bug and she gave a mini impersonation of a rodeo star but all was well.  Both horses did great and were hot and sweaty when we got back.  A great ride!


Intense Guy said...

Looks like a fabulous ride!

I love that last picture! Thank heavens for shade... we are going to need it this week!

finski said...

That looked like s lot of fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had fun. The horses needed a dip in the pond! :)

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