Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Milestone for Rosie

As of Sunday, Rosie has gained 50 pounds.  I am amazed at her progress.  We haven't been bombarding her with grain or giving her huge amounts of treats.  We've just kept up a steady, reasonable amount of grain for her size twice a day and free choice grazing.  She no longer feels so bony and actually has some padding where it should be.  Given how quickly she's gained, it makes me wonder how much she was actually being fed before we got her.  She is spending about an hour a day in a small paddock with lots of grass and then she goes back into our field with the run in shed or in a stall depending on the weather.  She is getting along with the other horses and is starting to establish her place in the herd.  Her hair is growing back on her face and she's starting to really shed.

She didn't really want to pose for pics
She wanted to go back to eating grass


lisa said...

She sure is looking much better! Good job.

Sheri said...

Love the second photo. She looks so frustrated!

One Red Horse said...

She is such a lovely and talented girl. Senior horses have so much to give. I love them.

Intense Guy said...

Nice to see Rosie getting "rosie cheeks" (on both ends).

Carolynn said...

Yay, Rosie! What a difference a loving home makes.

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