Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rosie - Week 1

We've started Rosie on Nutrena Senior Feed twice a day so she can get the right kind of calories and vitamins to get healthier.  She's getting free choice hay and since it's been so dry and the grass is practically non-existant, she's also been out on pasture as well.  The grass is drier than the hay and kind of stunted since we went about 6 weeks with no rain and the hottest June on record plus July heat waves.  We didn't think that it would hurt her (we've been keeping a close eye on her) and it gives her a chance to really move around and be near the herd.  For the most part, she stays on the fringe and seems to just be happy to be in the vicinity of other horses.  She comes in during the hottest part of the day so she doesn't have to fight for a space in the shed and she can eat as much hay as she wants.  We've been rotating horses in to keep her company.  Plus she can see two other pastures over the dutch door in her stall.  So far this arrangement seems to working for her.  We did have rain on Saturday and although it was 72 degrees she was shivering so for now she will go out with a rain sheet when it rains to keep her retain her body heat.

She was always bright eyed and alert but seems to have perked up even more.  We brought her in the ring over the weekend to work with her a little bit.  She walked and trotted on the lead line and I worked with her with a halter and reins from the ground to reinforce whoa and turning.  She's very responsive, neck reins, and reads body language really well.  And we think she may be gaited. It's kind of hard to tell right now but Craig told me that she was racking when I picked up my pace on the ground.  Craig also walked her through several puddles and she didn't even blink (Zip, on the other hand, thought the puddles just might eat him).  I want to continue to work with her on the ground to reestablish cues for when she is able to handle a rider.

The best news for this week - according to the weight tape, she gained 13 pounds!!!!  She already looks better and is going to be a solid little thing once she starts to fill out.  We gave her a bath with dandruff shampoo and a built in conditioner to help with some flaky skin (the first bath off the trailer was mostly just to get the grunge off - we really scrubbed her this time).  She is losing quite a bit of hair on her face and I think that she's going to shed some of her coat now that her nutrition is improving.  She absolutely loves being groomed.  Hopefully the patches on her face will grow back in soon (she has halter rubs too).  And she got her feet trimmed this weekend.

Something that we've done with past rescues is to take pics every week to chart their progress (click to view full size).  It really helps to see how they are coming along.  She's really friendly and doesn't stand well for pics because she likes to be with her people.  You can see the patches of hair missing on her face (and spots on her body as well) and I included a pic of her brand as well.  I have no idea if this brand is a breed-specific or farm/ranch brand.


threecollie said...

Astonishing progress!

lisa said...

That is great that she has a new home! One that cares!

Ashley said...

So glad you are documenting so we can keep up with her progress. what a sweet girl she seems to be! I'm sure she is so grateful to have you caring for her. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job!

Linda said...

She looks better already...by leaps and bounds! Good job on taking such great care of her.

Intense Guy said...

She is such a beautiful color- her coat is really beginning to shine.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

The pictures are wonderful! It's great to see how well she is coming along under your care.


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