Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rosie's First Ride

Rosie has been doing well, gaining weight steadily, and filling out quite a bit.  Taking on a rescue like her is like having a puzzle with some pieces missing and you need to figure out what they are.  It's also a big gamble since horses can be pretty resilient and also pretty fragile.  We had a feeling that she would do well once she started to get good nutrition. We knew very little of her history but had been told that she had been ridden recently and supposedly had been a gaming pony at one point.  Craig and T groomed her and saddled her up on Monday to see how she would react.  She stood like a trooper and didn't seem bothered at all.  They untacked her and let her go back to eating her hay.

When we first got Jet, he had a prominent spine which combined with his high withers made fitting a saddle a challenge.  We found a lightweight Simco barrel racing saddle that had short round skirts and a high port which had plenty of clearance for his withers and wouldn't jab him in the back.  Combined with a thick Impact gel pad that had a wither cut out and a channel along the spine, it was a great combination.  We thought this combination might work well on Rosie too, especially since the Impact gel pad distributes the saddle/rider's weight so well.  Part of rehabbing her is to help build up some of the muscle she lost and make her strong.  We thought that short, low key sessions (maybe 20 minutes at a time) mostly walking with a little trotting, would be good for her, maybe once or twice a week.  Since T is lighter than me, I asked her if she would be the first one to ride Rosie.  She has good balance and quiet hands and I thought she could handle it.  Late Monday afternoon, they tacked her up and T very carefully mounted up from a mounting block.  Rosie did great and seems to know the barrel and pole patterns.  The head tossing you see in the video is because she had a halter on under her bridle, just in case T needed to be lead around or make a quick exit and catch her (neither was needed, thank goodness).  Rosie didn't like the nose band.  Next time we will try her with just the bridle. 

I couldn't have asked for a better first ride (or any ride!) especially in a new environment with one of the arena doors wide open.  I asked for input on her breed on a bulletin board and the general consensus judging by her conformation was some kind of gaited pony.  I think that might be right on the money.


threecollie said...

What a sweetheart. She looks very smooth.

Intense Guy said...

T is such an excellent rider - she must bring out the best in a horse.

I'm surprised you are riding already - those first pictures of Rosie made me think she was going to be months filling in again - you are all doing good things with this beautiful animal.

CTG Ponies said...

She's really filling out fast which was a pleasant surprise. We are going slow and taking it easy.

Elettra said...

together are a force, keep it up

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow. I'm surprised she's come so far so fast. She looked so pathetic just a few weeks ago. She seems to be thriving under your care.
I'm sure you've already had the dentist out to float her teeth, but the bobbing head just reminded me of what horses tend to do when they have frontal hooks. She seems to mostly do it when she is being turned.


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