Friday, July 9, 2010

Skywatch Friday - Season 4, Episode 52

Hazy, hot and humid
over the growing corn
Farm that boarders the Kutztown Produce Auction

We have been experiencing record-breaking heat over the last week.  
It hit 103 degrees F which is very unusual for Pennsylvania.

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Janis said...

Don't I know about the heat in Pa. We are in Hanover Pa. everything here is drying up for lack of water. Hope the crops survive, I am looking forward to some local corn.

AL said...

I know how you feel, El nino has just ended here in our country and thank God for the rain.

Manang Kim said...

Here in MI particularly in my area we haven't reach 100F but at 90F. Thankfully, it rained yesterday and today the sky is gloomy. Well the plants needs some rain water. Hope it rained at your area too. Oh by the way we don't need storm just rain ^_^ Happy weekend!


Intense Guy said...

The corn might like it hot and hazy but its gotta be crying for water - everything green is about burnt out.

If it got any warmer - you would have been taking pictures of popcorn.

Linda said...

A sky white with heat - it's a while since we've seen that here.
What is the crop in the field - is it maize?

lisa said...

It sure has been a scorcher! We are supposed to get some relief a whole 4 degrees cooler;)

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