Saturday, August 21, 2010

Driving Miss Rosie

We are still figuring out what Rosie is all about.  She has gained 75 pounds so far, is really filling out, and is shedding like there is no tomorrow.  We were told that she had come through the Lebanon auction in April and we had a sneaking suspicion that she had been a driving pony at one point.  Craig and T used the surcingle and the driving lines to figure out what she can do.  She was a champ and it’s very obvious that she knows what she’s doing. She was well behaved with really good manners (she has excellent ground manners to be begin with).  I think that she was probably driven a lot but not ridden very much so at least we have a game plan and a path forward.  I’m looking forward to doing some ground driving with her.


threecollie said...

She is looking fantastic!

Sydney_bitless said...

Shes looking good. Driving is such a fun sport I love a horse that I can either drive or ride and it's my choice so if I don't feel like doing one I can do the other.

Linda said...

.....and I have just the buggy for her too!

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