Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Frisbee Dogs

Every morning I play frisbee with Bandit and Zoey.  Being Border Collies, they can be pretty obsessive about toys and there is a definite routine that requires two frisbees.  The first frisbee gets thrown for Zoey who chases it.  As soon as that frisbee is thrown, the second frisbee is thrown for Bandit.  Once Bandit catches it, Zoey drops hers and chases him with the frisbee.  And on and on it goes until they get tired.  If you mess up the sequence, nothing works right.  Bandit will let the frisbee hit him in the head if you throw his frisbee before Zoey's.  I wonder who has who trained....

Waiting for the frisbee

Not a care in the world

The orange frisbee is actually Bandit's, Zoey's is pink

T took these pics while I manned the frisbees


Intense Guy said...


Bandit is in classic form and pose!

There is a guy near me that has 4 Border Collies and he take them all for a walk everyday. They pile in and out of his van in the same order - and they "herd" the rubber balls and frisbee like sheep - moving only on the guys command. Its so awesome to watch!

Misfit in Paradise said...

My doberman is a frisbee dog too.

The Wife said...

How many hands you got? Throwing frisbees, taking pictures, my goodness you're an awesome multi-tasker!

CTG Ponies said...

The kidlet took the pics while I manned the frisbees. I would need to be an octupus to do it all myself!

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