Thursday, September 2, 2010

Like Jet

Last week was summer camp at the farm and T helped out along with a small group of older kids.  They worked with the younger kids during the day and rode together when the kids left.  They even went off on their own for trail rides.  Kali got to participate one day when she was used for summer camp and the girl that rode her loved her (which gave us all an idea but more on that later in the post).

Kali with the camp kids

But we have all missed Jet during that summer camp week of riding.  Each of my horses is great in their own way but none of them are what he was.  And then we saw an ad from the farm who sold us Zip, Annie, and Rosie (Zip was a summer camp horse and came from a broker, Annie was from a private owner who was downsizing, and Rosie was a rescue who hadn't gotten the proper care so Gail took her in).  There were 4 Mexican Mustangs that came available through a broker and had been used for summer camp out west.  Mexican Mustangs are ranch broke, hard to come by in our area, sell quickly, and are very rarely for sale by private owner - people hang on to them since they are so handy and well trained.  Craig kept going back to the listing so we decided to give Gail a call and take a look.

In the meantime, we had had a conversation with the barn owner where we keep our horses, about her lesson program and the week's summer camp.  She often rides with her lesson kids and needs a quiet, easy going horse that she can ride and still be able to monitor the lesson students.  Kali seemed like she would be a good fit - she's kind and gentle enough for kids, loves to be fiddled with, doesn't really like to go fast, is big enough for adults riders and is broke for driving which is something the barn owner loves to do.  And she was a star the day she "helped" with summer camp.  She would get more attention and exercise by becoming part of farm's herd/lesson program (the lesson kids are mostly younger beginner riders) and she would be used for pleasure driving.  It was a no-brainer.  So Kali moved literally across the track to the next field and became part of the farm herd.

T and Craig hustled to the farm to check out the Mexican Mustangs listed for sale, knowing they wouldn't last long.  T tested rode two of them - a bay roan and a gray.  When the bay roan was brought out, T told Craig that he looked like Jet, just a different color - same body type minus Jet's Big Bird legs, just about the same size.  He was quiet and stood while they fiddled with him, rode really well, tied like a champ, picked up his feet - a really nice boy.  Not only does he have the same body type as Jet, he moved like him too.  The gray was also a solid citizen and T couldn't say enough nice things about him.  He would make a fantastic kids or lesson horse.  But the bay roan just stood out - a gelding, the right size, the right age, super handy to ride, quiet, and pretty which is an added bonus.  And like Jet (even down to the funky brands) which definitely works in his favor.  Which opens another chapter in our lives....


Intense Guy said...

There will never be another "Jet" - only another horse that is "like" him.

...but that is how it works... and someday you will be thinking, "I love this wonderful horse, he's not Jet but he's a star of his own."

Can't wait to hear what you named him... :) Perhaps another one of those "goes wonderfully fast" names like "Jet".

Linda said...

Nice lookin' dude. It'll be a new adventure, every horse is different and at a different time in our lives, it'll be fun to watch how he fits in.

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