Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Unplanned Horse Show

On Sunday, we headed over to Spring Mountain Farm which is located in the same town as the barn.  This farm holds 6 gymkhanas a year and T wanted to see what it was all about.  When we got there, she was checking things out and we decided to run back to the barn and pick up Zip.  Luckily it was close by and they were back in less than 45 minutes with Zip all tacked up.  I managed to get her registered in time for the first class.  This ring is smaller than the Buxmont ring which is the only place that we have showed Zip.  There were 13 riders in her division and the competition was tough.  T and Zip did great!!! Zip is getting better and better with each show.

Ring Spear

Pole Bending - 3rd place

Keyhole - 5th place

Potato Race

Shoe Lace - 1st place

Barrels - 4th place

Hoop the Barrel

Stake Race - placed 3rd

More photos here

The last show of the year at Spring Mountain Farm is October 10th.


Intense Guy said...

T should think about wearing a dust mask! Wow, look at Zip kick up the dust!

I love the shot of them leaning through the turn (Shoe Lace?)

colleen said...

It's great seeing how much they've grown as a team!


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