Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mini Sale

On Saturday we headed over to the Mountaintop Mini Horse Sale at Feather Hill Farm in Lenhartsville.  We are not looking to add to the herd but wanted to go out of curiosity.  There were probably 50 horses/donkeys total including a few riding horses.  They aged from weanlings to older broodmares, some registered some not.  Of course I took my camera along.

Waiting to go up for sale





It was an interesting day and prices for the most part were low.  We didn't bid on any but were tempted on a couple.  They sure were cute!


Gail said...

A trip I would have loved!

threecollie said...

Nice! I have developed an unexpected fondness for minis...a lot of horse in a little package.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Awwww, they are cuties!!

lisa said...

I have been thinking of getting a mini so if I want to take one of the horses away for a clinic or a trail ride I don't have to leave one horse by themselves. But I have found they are expensive!

Linda said...

I think of them as yard ornaments;) and I want one!

Intense Guy said...

They really are cute! :) I like the fancy colorful harnesses.

gtyyup said...

All too cute!! They're like lil' stuffed horses. It could be hard to resist!

Ed said...

Awww the wee little things, great shots..:-)

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