Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Trail Ride

Craig wasn't feeling well most of the weekend so we stayed close to home and kept things low key.  The food allergies are triggering all kinds of things and his system is pretty messed up.  The doctor was concerned about his blood pressure and felt that he was a heart attack risk so he wasn't allowed to do anything stressful or raise his heart rate and he needed to be careful about what he ate.  He hung around (quietly) while T and I headed off for the trails.  Zip and Roo were great on the trails and in the open fields, even when we came upon some unexpected obstacles and a steep stream bank.  We rode for about an hour and a half but only covered about 2.5 miles and averaged about 3 mph (walk and trot) since the trails are overgrown and we had to double back a couple of times (I took my GPS with me).  It was really nice to get out on the trail.  Craig snapped some pics as we headed back.

On the road, heading back. 
 Zip is almost 7 inches taller than Rooster but Rooster is wider.

T being silly as we headed over the bridge.  Both horses were watching Craig on the other side of the bridge.

Turning for home

Heading towards the driveway (it's a short walk from the bridge)

Turning into the driveway
We headed onto the track when we were finished.  I left the GPS on and let Roo trot and canter a bit. I was surprised to find that even a fast trot/slow canter was 16.6 mph.  That little horse has some pep!  Since he was a camp horse for 4 years and only did walk/trot, his canter is a bit unbalanced and out of shape but he's eager to go. 
A short canter
T has been working with Zip at the trot and canter to get him more consistent in his gaits.  

Trotting along
The weather cooperated and it was warm and sunny.  Overall a good day of riding and everyone stayed safe.


Intense Guy said...

I'm glad you got some quality riding time! I like that shot with T acting silly! :)

I do hope Craig is feeling much better today.

Linda said...

Hope Craig gets to feeling better....you sure do have some pretty country to ride in.

Ed said...

GPS on a horse? whats next a USB port for the I-Pod?? LOL! Great shots, looked like fun..:-)

Anonymous said...

hopefully craig is feeling better soon!
nice photos, really makes me want to go out horse riding

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