Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happily Munching

We like to feed round bales this time of year so they horses have access to 24/7 hay in the colder weather.  Since Zip is the tallest, he will reach over and get to the hay in the middle of the bale - we call these "woodpecker holes" (some of them are about 2 feet deep).  Rooster digs holes closer to the outside and Rosie makes holes in the hay that falls inside the ring.  There's still a bit of grass so they will sometimes have some grass and go back to the bale.  I sleep better at night knowing they have plenty of forage to munch on.

No, he's not on the other side of the bale - his head is inside the bale
Rooster was wondering what I was doing
Rosie was eating, as always
By the way, we checked everyone's weight this week.  Rosie has gained a total of 135 pounds since July 5th.


Linda said...

What, no snow?

Intense Guy said...

I'd be okay with no snow allllll winter looooong... :)

I like this picture. The headless horse - man... LOL.

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