Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Slacking on blog posts, that is.  I had a 3-day weekend and I think I need another weekend to rest.  Got up early all 3 days plus the critters don't realize that we gained an hour.  Zoey is still tap dancing on me to get up except the clock says 4 AM.  I didn't get that extra hour of sleep.

Saturday we headed to Kutztown to check out the hay sale.  Turns out they were having their annual yard sale so there were more people there than average and they bid up the hay prices.  We hit the tack store on the way back, came out empty handed (except for a handle for one of my rasps), ran some more errands, and then went grocery shopping.  Got home in time to watch the Breeders Cup.  I'm not a big fan of racing but I do watch the four big races every year.  Man, that was a good race!

Sunday was the Timbertalk Trotters Trail Ride.  All proceeds are donated to Shriners Hospital for Children.  We were at the park by 9:30 AM and it was cold and windy.  T and Craig helped out with various things while I took pics.  Between 2 cameras, we took over 500 pics.  We left the park about 1:30 PM and then T rode Zip in the ring and I hopped up on Rooster bareback for a stroll around the farm.  I downloaded all the pics and managed to get the online gallery up (you can view here - click Continue if the log in screen comes up).  I'm still going through pics to do some creative editing but wanted to have the pics available for the riders as soon as possible.

Monday was off to New Holland for the tack sale and the hay sale.  I stayed to watch most of the horse sale.  There were some really nice, well broke horses that went through for really low prices.  Even the papered horses were low.  Not a good market if you want to sell but if you are looking for a horse, there are lots to choose from.  Then it was back home and off to the Buxmont meeting.  Back to work this morning.   Phew, I'm tired! 


Intense Guy said...

Wow! I got tired just reading about what you did this weekend!

I'm sure Zoey is wondering why all of a sudden all the humans are an hour late with things... :)

500 pictures?!?! :) Isn't digital film soooooo nice!! Lot of smiling (if chilly) looking riders over at the photo-site - and it looks like you got more than a few excellent shots too!

Sam said...

It's tough all over, I've been trying to sell a 4 year old mare for over a year. We will check out the photos.


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