Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday Party

Monday night, Teva had a holiday party at Lincoln Financial Field, the home of the Philadelphia Eagles.  We boarded 2 buses and headed out to the stadium.  I'm not a huge football fan but it was pretty cool to take the tour and see the locker room and press box and stand on the field.  We had really great appetizers and a fantastic dinner.  Three of the players were there to sign autographs and take pics.  Vince Papale was also there.  It was really fun to chill out with the great people I work with!

On the field

Teva on the Jumbotron

The Eagles locker room

 Press box

Eagles cheerleaders at the entrance to dinner


Looking out from the suite at the Wells Fargo Center 
(the Flyers were playing)

Vince Papale


Ed said...

Very cool, did;nt the staduim used to be called Veretans Stadium?

CTG Ponies said...

Veterans Stadium was demolished and this new stadium was built.

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