Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The snow storm that wasn't supposed to hit us ended up dumping about 8 inches of snow.  It's hard to tell how much we actually have as the storm also brought 40 mph wind gusts and lots of drifts.  North and east of us got more than twice that amount so all in all, I'm ok with what we ended up with.  The horses weathered the storm just fine and were out in the winds today snacking on hay.  Way too windy and too much blowing snow to take pics but this is from my back door.  You can see the grass where the snow has blown into drifts.


Intense Guy said...

I'm happy we missed the "worst" of it. :)

lisa said...

It actually did miss us but I tell you what the wind was just horrible!

Rising Rainbow said...

Seems like the weather is just all over the place this winter. Glad you guys are safe and warm.

Hope you're having a great holiday season!

Ed said...

You got lucky, great shot..:-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. We got this snow storm as well dumping about 6-7" on us here in E. Tennessee. :)

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