Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Choral Concert

T has been involved with chorus since elementary school and hopes to continue all through high school.  Twice a year, in the winter and spring, each school holds a choral concert.  This year there is over 200 kids in the combined choir for 3 grades.  The school has a really cool auditorium with fantastic acoustics and sound system.

There's so many kids that I couldn't fit them all in one shot, even though I took this from the last row in the auditorium
During her grade's performance, second row, pretty much dead center

All of the kids do an amazing job!


Linda said...

So, what do they sing?? I used to wish we had a "glee" club.

Ed said...

Thats a big group, when i was in Jr. High I think we had maybe 20..:-)

Intense Guy said...

I love the new banner!! Hi Zoey! Hi Bandit!

....and holy toledo! Look at the size of that bunch!

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