Saturday, January 15, 2011

Dog Beds

We bought dog beds for both dogs for Christmas.  Zoey would rather sleep on the regular bed or the floor.  Bandit loves his dog bed.  He is a strange dog in that he will contort himself into any spot even if it seems like he won't fit.  He regularly curls up into a ball and now he can do that in this bed.  He does stretch out and flatten the bed or he moves around.   Since Zoey doesn't like hers, Bandit has one bed upstairs and one next to the couch in the spot where he likes to sleep.


The Wife said...

Sounds like he made out like a "Bandit"! Gettin' both beds!

Linda said...

Notshy likes the regular bed. I bought Kit a bed and she just wanted her rug back. Comfy looking dog you got.

gtyyup said...

All our dogs like their beds...Cindy Sue's still sleepin' in that cardboard box...she loves it!!

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