Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Maccabee G

We've been keeping an eye out on a project for T that was younger and she can put some training into.  She has expressed an interest in showing in other disciplines as well as gaming and gymkhanas and spends a lot of time in the saddle.  We found a large pony locally that seemed to fit the bill - he is a 14.1 hand 5 year old Welsh/Thoroughbred cross (sport pony) who has some training and showing in jumping, cross country and dressage.  He was at a friend's barn that was less than a mile from our barn and was being used for some lessons.  We trusted their judgement and expertise.  Since he's young and energetic, we all thought he would benefit from being outside 24/7 and having a job.  T did really great riding him so we decided to add him to our herd.  He came home this weekend.  His registered name is Maccabee G and goes by Mac or Macky, which he answers to.

Checking everything out

Kicking up snow and exploring
Sharing some grass nibbles with Rooster
Quietly munching hay
He is settling in well and getting used to the pasture, feeding schedules, and eating from a community round bale.  Zip leaves him alone, Rosie hangs out with him and Rooster leaves him alone most of the time.  Rooster has done some posturing but Mac gives it back and doesn't pick a fight.  One minute they are pushing each other around, the next they are standing side by side.  Neither one has any marks so it's all just posturing.  Each day he settles down more and more and so does Rooster.  I basically have a herd of wimps with Zip being the top wimp and now the 2 boys vying for 2nd.  Rosie doesn't care and just stays out of their way.

We walked him through the barn, around the barn and in the ring.  He did really well with barely any hesitation.  T tacked him up and got her first ride in the indoor with him.  He was pretty tense at first but listened and relaxed after a few minutes.  Walk, trot and canter with no issues.  He has big rolling gaits.  He did great and we look forward to good things with him in the future!

In the indoor


threecollie said...

He is just plain gorgeous!

Intense Guy said...

He's a real handsome feller!!

colleen said...

Awww he's so cute. How lucky you all are to have a herd. I'd love just one...Good luck T!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Mac! I know "T" will do some great work with him.

Rosie knows about being the new kid on the block so she is helping with his transition. :)

Carolynn said...

Your daughter is a lucky girl to have such a beautiful new horse to love and the opportunity to ride so often.

Glad to hear everyone is settling in well.

Happy New Year!

Rising Rainbow said...

Very cute pony!! And wise enough to fit right in from the start. That is very cool!

Linda said...

He's a good lookin' dude too.

flowerweaver said...

He's gorgeous! Nice to have an addition to the herd. Glad T has a new friend to ride!

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