Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Done, done, and done!!!

This was a 3 day weekend for me and we had a bunch of stuff planned.  Friday night was a much needed and long overdue hair cut (I'm planning to donate my hair to Locks of Love a bit later in the spring so this was just a trim).  Craig and T also picked up a new saddle.

Saturday was off to the hay auction.  Three and a half tons later - we bought really nice heavy small bales of mixed grass with some timothy, alfalfa and clover thrown in.  These bales are HEAVY.  They average about 60 pounds where most other small bales are between 40 and 50 pounds.  We were tired by the time they were all stacked!

Sunday was cleaning up, running errands and a ride in the big field with the track.  The weather was beautiful once the rain cleared and it was a fun ride.  We also dropped my car off to have a tie rod replaced and the front end alignment done.

Monday was up bright and early to head over to New Holland to check out the tack sale and then to the grain mill (with a stop along the way for Fastnacht doughnuts at the Amish bakery).  We picked up almost 600 pounds of custom blended grain - crimped feed with alfalfa pellets, soy beans and flax.  The horses love the new hay and are hoovering the new grain.  I didn't realize that the mill could do custom blends for us so now I have the "recipe" and will probably do it again.

Our field gets the full morning sun and is sunny on the hill for most of the afternoon.  The three redheads enjoyed some sun bathing while Maccabee looked for grass nibbles.

Back to work for me today...


Linda said...

LOL our small squares weighed in at a hefty 110 pounds.....I'd like them to weigh 60.

lisa said...

Boy, you did have a busy weekend! Now you can relax ;)

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