Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keeping up with Maccabee

T is getting ready for show season and has stepped up her riding.  She did some schooling with Zip in the ring the other day which included a couple of small jumps.  He may not be graceful when he jumps but he's efficient and he never hesitates.

Clearing the straw bales

Big jump, small bales
The other jump was a crossrail which he basically just strided over at a canter.  He didn't even really need to jump it.  He's such a good boy!


Gail said...

Looking good!

I admire your music choices...my grandson plays Hurt. The first time I heard him play the song, without the words, I cried, it is so beautiful.

Your songs are varied and hold many of my favorites.

Ed said...

Great shots, not to mention cool tunes..:-))

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