Thursday, March 24, 2011

Llama Encounter

We took a ride to a tack store in Kutztown on Saturday and stopped at one of our favorite farms.  The owner stands a gypsy cob stallion (gorgeous!) and always has minis and a few driving horses.  The stallion was as beautiful and friendly as ever.

He's even prettier in person -
one blue eye, one brown,
only about 12.2 hands and stocky
In the field next door were two llamas.  I am not a big fan of llamas since I've seen one spit in someone's face so I didn't venture too closely.  This guy really wanted to see what I was doing and he looked like he was talking to me.  Thank goodness for a long lens :)

Don't you love the giraffe spots??


lisa said...

I think I like the mini better myself:) Nice pictures though.

gtyyup said...

Yes, the Gypsy Cob is beautiful...not so with the long-necked sheep ;~)

Gail said...

A handsome stud!

I have never been drawn to llama either, but the spots are beautiful.

Rising Rainbow said...

I've always been nervous about llamas for the same reason.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

That is so awesome that you can ride down the road to your tack stores. I could ride to one...if it weren't for the crazy drivers.
That llama reminds me of Polka Spot in that TV show "The Fabulous Beekman Boys". lol!
Some llamas are friendlier than others. I've owned my llamas for over 3 years and have only been spat upon once...and that was because I ignored my female llama's complaints about being groomed. She hates being brushed. gah! Llama spit is the worst stuff...made me run in the house to get an immediate shower. lol!

But llama kisses are the best!


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