Thursday, March 10, 2011

Maccabee 'tude

T rode Maccabee in the ring the other day after it rained.  The footing was deep and he was pretty tired but he had fun cantering around.  This hop was followed by a rather graceful buck and he never broke stride (I missed the buck and didn't realize I got the front hop).  T didn't even blink and just chuckled.  He's so silly.


Gail said...

Good job! I would have been on the ground. Wish you were closer, maybe you could help me improve my riding skills.

Linda said...

Yee-Haw! Reminds me of my niece.....she was trick riding and standing up doing a hippodorme stand when Spatter-Bob started hogging on her. She grinned, looked at her dad and yelled WOOHOO, sat down and cracked ole Spatter on the but and said "cut it out".

lisa said...

I agree with Gail, I would of been on the ground! What I would give to be younger again! Great riding!

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