Thursday, March 31, 2011

Turkey Vultures

Every morning, the turkey vultures sit on the pasture fence sunning themselves.  They are kind of creepy looking but they are extremely efficient at what they do and don't bother any of the live animals.

Shuffling into position
Coming in for a landing

Looking for the right spot

Sunning themselves

They have a huge wingspan, over five feet, and stretch their wings out to catch the morning sun.  They will turn so that the sun can hit the entire wing.  Really cool to see!


lisa said...

That is so cool! We used to be able to go to town and just before we would go across the bridge, there were trees that the vultures would be in and there would be around a dozen or so with their wings spread just soaking up the sun! An awesome sight but now they have cut down the trees and I really was lost when we couldn't see them like that again!

Intense Guy said...

Those are neat shots! Especially the last one!

Linda said...

I saw my first and only turkey vulture a couple of years ago. I couldn't believe how BIG it was and here you have bunches of them sunning for you;)

Anne said...

Would I have your permission to use the "sunning vultures" picture on my blog, "The Gods Are Bored"? What a splendid photo! It made my day.

Ed said...

Excellent shots, I've been trying forever to get pics of them on the ground..:-))

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