Monday, April 4, 2011

Hitting the Trail and the Road

T and I got the chance to do some trail and road riding both days this weekend.  It was really fun!!  There were 5 riders total including one rider on Maccabee (who did fantastic).  We did a loop in the woods that included going into the creek and then a road loop each day.  Saturday we finished with a gallop up the hill at the farm.  The weather cooperated, the horses all behaved and both were great rides.  I'm so looking forward to warmer weather and more time in the saddle!

Rooster was pretty full of himself so I didn't have the opportunity to take pics but Craig was able to snap some.

Saturday's ride
T took a couple with her cell phone
I was in the lead - you can see Zip's ear at the bottom of the pic
The riders behind T - I was pretty impressed with her coordination :)
Me and Rooster back at the barn
T and Zip galloping up the hill
Sunday's ride
Heading into the woods - the entrance is just to the left of us

Coming back on a gravel road


Intense Guy said...


I'm looking forward to more of your ride pictures!! Its gonna (gotta) get greener soon!

You've a nice collection of animals... makes me want to get a chuckwagon and join you!

lisa said...

That looks like fun, I am going to really enjoy having the time to spend with the horses now and hopefully time in the saddle!

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