Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sweet Rosie

Rosie seems to very much enjoy her life these days.  While we were riding on the weekend, she had the whole field to herself and spent most of it soaking up the sunshine.

She is very unconcerned about people around her, even when she's laying down.  She loves to get attention and she is shedding like a fiend right now.  When we got her last July she was so emaciated and hadn't shed most of her winter coat.  It seems that her body is in overdrive now and she's got patches where she's shed out completely bald.  It's something that the vet mentioned can sometimes happen with horses that are really undernourished.  She looks pretty threadbare right now.

I got to hang out with her in the field and groom her with my hands
She was perfectly fine with me down on her level - Maccabee is always mugging for the camera

She loves to have her face rubbed
I hope her hair grows in soon!


Intense Guy said...

I bet Rosie enjoyed that warm sun after the winter we've had! She looks very content and happy to have your attention.


Ed said...

Take her to a beauty parlor and see the looks you get..:-)

lisa said...

Now that is very special, not to many horses will stay down while you pet them unless they consider you there partner!

Rising Rainbow said...

Rosie looks quite content soaking up the rays and the attention. Hope her coat grows in soon.

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