Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We Couldn’t Leave Him Behind

We planned a trip to New Holland for Easter Monday, mostly for the tack sale and to hit the tack shops on the way back.  Little did I know….

As we were walking through the horses, we saw three men leading three horses – one horse was in good weight but the other two were very skinny, one more skinny than the other.  Skinny enough that one of the auction workers told him that he couldn’t bring him through.  I happened to be standing there when the man holding the horse looked at me and told me a price – less than what it would have cost us for lunch.  I must have “Sucker” written across my forehead.  This horse – or pony – looked more like a yearling but they told me he was 3 1/2 or 4 and had been ridden (OMG!).  How on earth am I supposed to walk away, especially when a horse dealer saw the horse and loaded him up (you never know what will happen once they step on the truck).  The whole group (5 of us) had a discussion and we worked out a way to get him off the truck and get him home (luckily we knew enough people to get a hauler).  It took most of the day but he’s in our barn now in quarantine in a large broodmare stall with a sign on the door.  T and the barn owner’s daughter (commonly referred to as The Girls) have a project pony and are excited.

after a bath much scrubbing and a little bit of hoof work
he's standing on a slight slope so he looks a bit awkward

Pony sized with long legs, cute face, no idea what breeding but maybe some Arab in there (slight dish to the face).  The age of about 4 seems to match his teeth.  And he’s intact so gelding will be one of the first priorities along with groceries (we have a call in to the vet).  He smelled horrible, has bugs (EWWW!!) which we are treating, looks and smells like he’s been laying in pig manure.  He got a bath with 2 different kinds of medicated shampoos and lots of scrubbing.  Long feet which we took down a bit to make him more comfortable (the farrier can’t come for a week) – surprisingly good feet under the mess that is there.  An old abscess that had blown at the coronet band and has started to grow out.  A red dun with a dorsal stripe and a nice coat under there somewhere.  He walked on and off the trailer like a gentlemen, stood for a bath and let me nip and rasp his feet so somewhere someone taught him manners.  We are going to handle him a lot now that he's quiet and docile to reenforce whatever training he had.  Weight tape estimate is 580 pounds, maybe 13.3 hands.  No name yet but I’m sure we’ll come up with something in the next few days.


colleen said...

How about Savior? Cause that's what you are to him! God bless you for saving his pretty litte butt! He has lots of potential under all that mistreatment. I can't wait to see what love and groceries do for him!

Shanna said...

I've pulled two thin horses at the last two auctions. It's a lot of work but very rewarding. I know you'll work your magic on this sweet guy. It's amazing what a little bit of kindness and elbow grease will do for a horse.

Julie K said...

Oh he's so cute...he'll be a perfect pony when he puts on some weight.

My guy was a rescue so I have a place in my heart for all rescues! They truly are amazing. I swear Grayson thanks me every day!

Thanks for rescuing him!

Eleanor said...

He has a beautiful face, and his frame looks good. Unfortunately, you can see all of his frame....

This one will rebound well. Best of luck with him and may you be treated in your life the way you treat your animals!


Sam said...

The poor thing... You did the absolutely, positively, RIGHT THING! You have made a huge difference in his life, and are a hero! Way to go!


Linda said...

Poor little guy:(

Intense Guy said...

Another horse lucky to have "found you". :)

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