Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Grand Champion!

We had the first Buxmont gymkhana for the season (the April show was cancelled due to the weather and will be made up in October).  T and Zip were totally in tune and she finished the night as Grand Champion with 33 points – a great start to the season!

Yesterday was a much needed day off for me and I got to ride Rooster for quite a bit.  I will have an update on Rocky posted soon.


lisa said...

Congrats! That is great!

Intense Guy said...

A champeenshup is a great way to highlight a gloomy, sprinkly weekend! Go T and Zip!

The Wife said...

Awesome! Congrats!!

Fantastyk Voyager said...


That is a very colorful picture wit the bright green noseband, blue reins, and orange ears and mane. Very alert expression, nice!

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