Thursday, May 26, 2011

One Month Mark

Yesterday was one month since we brought Rocky home and he is well on his way to being a solid citizen.  Tuesday night, our vet came and gelded him.  I was stressed out about this vet visit since he only had one testicle had dropped (kind of a gross topic, I know) which meant that if the other didn't dropped he would require surgery at a vet clinic to have it removed.  With good nutrition, a bit of time and some help from Mother Nature, two appeared.  It kind of became the major topic of conversation - "do you see one or two?"  So Tuesday, he was knocked out and snipped.  While he was under, the vet checked his teeth and removed his wolf teeth.  Poor guy is sore on both ends!  He did great and has such a wonderful disposition.  Even the vet commented on how well behaved he was for a 4 year old stallion.  And the vet did confirm, by checking his teeth, that he is 4.  Vet thinks he's a Quarter Horse/Arab cross.  He's up and moving around and will have penicillin for a few days to head off any infection.  Lots of turnout to help keep swelling to a minimum.  We are hoping to integrate him into the herd in a couple of weeks.  He has filled out incredibly fast and his gorgeous new coat is growing in.  We've been busy with other things and I haven't had a chance to get updated pics but hopefully will be able to on the holiday weekend.


Intense Guy said...

I can only imagine all the is it one or two (or left ball - right ball) jokes...

Hope he heals up quickly.

Ed said...

Thats a pretty ballsey post..:-))
can't wait to see the pics, have a great weekend..

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Poor guy! Looking forward to some photos.

chloephotography said...

it's so nice to read he's doing well
you're all doing an amazing job to give him the best life x

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