Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Stills – Weeds and Grasses

This week's Sunday Stills Challenge is Weeds and Grasses.  I finally was able to get pics for a Sunday Stills challenge.  I’ve had very little time for any photos just for fun but did take my camera to the farm the other day to take pics of all the green things growing.

A dandelion next to the riding ring

Some kind of crazy vine along the pasture fence

Wild daisies

Multiflora rose - this stuff grows wild, is everywhere and is really hard to get rid of
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Linda said...

Nice lush vegetation! I like viney plants but we don't have many that grow out of control here.

Ed said...

Well done..:-)

MTWaggin said...

That sure is a crazy vine! Nice job.

threecollie said...

so pretty! You are way ahead of us in the flowering of the wild stuff.

Shirley said...

Dandelions are the star of this challenge, most of us featured them. As kids we used to pick the old ones gone to seed and blow on them to watch the seeds float away.

Regular Guy said...

Nice shots, like the dandelions.

Brenda said...

love the wild rose! so pretty. Yes, once weeds start to grow, they get out of control. But some can be so pretty.

Michelle said...

Love those pretty! And that vine is really out of control! almost looks like Florida!

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