Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Week 1

Our little project pony is coming along.  He's gained about 20 pounds and is shedding like a fiend.  He eats every little morsel that we give him and has been nibbling at the grass at the edge of the riding ring where we have him turned out during the day.  His feet were trimmed and he's been wormed which he desperately needed since he was passing live worms (EW!!).  The girls are treating the various spots of skin crud and abrasions.  His rear ankles were swollen when he stepped off the trailer but have been slowly going down.  There are abrasions on his ankles and I have a feeling that his back feet may have been roped.  We'll never know for sure.  He has shown a little bit of spunk here and there and we get glimpses of what his trot and canter will be like.  He's got a sweet personality so far.  We have a call in to the vet to discuss getting him gelded soon.

Still bony but looking better already


Ed said...

Poor guy, I know he is in good hands now. :-)

lisa said...

Keep up the good work, I am sure you will get him back to where he should be!

Intense Guy said...

Wow. you weren't kidding when you said shedding. That is one shaggy horse!

I like how his black hair frames his face.

Esther Garvi said...

Looks like you've got a beautiful horse underneath there! I can't wait to see his full personality come forth!!

chloephotography said...

poor little guy <3 but just like Ed said.. he's in very good hands now
i look forward to watching his progress x

Sam said...

I rescued a little filly very similar to him years ago. It will be fun to watch his recovery and see him thrive. Have you thought of a name for him yet?


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