Thursday, June 2, 2011

Looking Good

Rocky continues to gain weight and energy and to heal from being gelded and having his wolf teeth pulled.  Most of the old hair has shedded out and his new coat has grown in well.

We are hoping to turn him out with the rest of the herd soon.  The vet had told us to wait at least 10 days after he was gelded since there's one last chance for him to breed a mare right after being gelded (we certainly don't want that!) but 10 days out was safe enough.  I would like to wait about 2 1/2 weeks just to be cautious and to make sure that he's healed.  He is very interested in all of the horses in the herd, especially Zip, and calls to them whenever they come into the barn or one of them walks by.  We have made introductions over the fence with Zip, Rosie and Rooster.

I would love to know what Rosie was thinking.

Saying hi to Zip.  Zip just took it all in stride.


Intense Guy said...

He's a really handsome animal!!

I hope he isn't too pushy when time comes to make friends!

Rosie seems a little less than thrilled. LOL.

Sam said...

He's really turning out to be nice! Any idea what kind of training he has? How's he behaving now that he is feeling better?


CTG Ponies said...

Still the same easy going guy he has been all along. We've saddled him to see how he would react - he didn't. We bridled him too but that was before the wolf teeth were removed. It's pretty obvious that he's been handled on the ground and he understands longing (we free longe him). Who knows what his training he's had

lisa said...

Defiantly lookin better!!!!

Esther Garvi said...

He is beautiful!!

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