Monday, June 20, 2011

A Picture-less Weekend

It was a busy weekend and I had my camera along but never really took it out of the case.  Hay auction on Saturday.  We had 6 really nice round bales delivered - alfalfa/grass mix.  Trimmed feet on Zip, Maccabee and Rocky.  Lots of clean up, filling up water tubs, putting out a new round bale.  It's been hot here so I'm not terribly motivated to ride during the day and don't always get to it once the sun goes down.  Sunday we went out to breakfast, spent a little time at the barn, came home for some unusual downtime and then back to the barn.  Craig and The Girls are off to New Holland and the grain mill this morning.  T has her Grooming & Showmanship requirement tomorrow night at the 4H meeting.  Busy start to the week!


lisa said...

i know how you feel, i hate to ride when it is so hot out and the horses are fighting the biting flies!

Intense Guy said...

Seems like we had only a weel of Spring this year and it rained the whole time!!

Now it is hot and dusty. Hope you can get a ride in sometime!

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