Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Saturday's 4H Show

T and Zip did really great at Saturday's show.  She got 1st in barrels, 2nd in Poles (even though he knocked down 2 poles), and 3rd in Keyhole.  Plus she has some points for year end and her requirement of showing at one pointed show is now complete.  She needs to finish her project book and barn inspection and then she has met all of the requirements for Roundup.

Warming up





After the pointed classes were finished, the 4H leader decided to do a Fastest Lap class, just for fun.  T and Z finished at just over 18 seconds which was the best time.

Fastest Lap

Fastest Lap
One more 4H show this season and then it's county Roundup!


Intense Guy said...

Wow! look at T and Zip FLY!!!

Gail said...

Wonderful...I see wings!

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