Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Champion x 2!

T did awesome at Saturday's Buxmont show. We brought Zip and Rooster since T was going to do the opening ceremony carrying the American flag on Rooster. A friend wanted to also carry a flag so the two of them came up with a game plan and in about 5 minutes had a routine for the opening ceremony which went off without a hitch.  The two riders did a great job.  T decided to run Rooster in all 7 classes since he was there.  Rooster had only been to one other smaller show and she hadn't practiced any patterns with him.  What a great night!  T finished as Grand Champion on Zip and as Reserve Champion on Rooster.  Both horses finished and placed in all 7 classes.  All that hard work and time in the saddle is definitely paying off.

I didn't take many pics since it was very dry and dusty which made getting good pics almost impossible.

Opening Ceremony


Intense Guy said...

T and Zip really raise the dust! Reminds me of those old westerns on tv where you could see 'em coming for miles!

Congrats T!!! And Zip and Rooster!

gtyyup said...

Great job T!!! Congrats!

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