Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 9th 4H Show

Saturday was the last pointed 4H show for this year.  T and Zip did awesome - Reserve Champion in the Gaming Division.  And she had the fastest time in the Fastest Lap class they did for fun.  It was very sunny and hot and Zip was fired up.  I am so proud of T for all of the hard work she has done with Zip!!

Poles - 2nd Place

Keyhole - 3rd place

Barrels - 1st Place

Hoop the Barrel - 1st Place

Flag Race - *fail* Zip knocked the 2nd barrel down
Fastest Lap


chloephotography said...

well done, that's so exciting :)

Intense Guy said...

Way to go T and Zip!!!

I guess running was the only way to get a cooling breeze!

Rae Ginkiewicz said...

You take the best Photos Gina! Love them.

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