Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Western Horses do English

Zip and Rooster (and Jet as well) came from out somewhere out west (they are called Mexican Mustangs) and are definitely Western broke horses - they neck rein, work on indirect pressure, move off your legs and seat.  It makes them really awesome gymkhana and trail horses.  Every once in a while we like switch it up.  It's good for all of our horses to be versatile and able to go from the show ring to a bareback trail ride.

In this part of the country, the Mexican Mustangs are called Cockroaches (or Cucarachas).  No idea where the name came from but more than one person has looked at Zip or Rooster and said, "hey, that's a cockroach" - including the vet.  Someone that we know that shows gymkhanas in the area makes a point of seeking out these well broke horses and uses them for gaming.  He even has shirts for his farm which read "Nothing runs like a Cockroach".  I tend to agree - I think they are awesome!!


lisa said...

It is better if they can do it all and sometimes they just are better at one than the other.

Intense Guy said...

Cucaracha is spanish for cockroach. Why they call this breed of horse that, I've no idea.

T is one very talented rider.

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