Tuesday, August 30, 2011

After the Storm

Hurricane Irene paid us a visit Saturday and Sunday.  We opted not to go to the 4H Regional show on Saturday, given the looming hurricane and stayed at the barn to batten down the hatches.  The rain and winds were pretty fierce but everybody - 2 legged and 4 legged - did just fine.  The horses all hunkered down in their big shed and we stayed inside with the dogs and listened to the tornado warnings.  No fences or trees down, just a little washout of the driveway at the barn, the chickens were fine in their coop.  Whatever hay was out was waterlogged and the horses hoovered the hay we had put out Sunday morning so they headed out to the grass.

The howling wind didn't bother them and at least it was warm out.  A fresh round bale later and all were happily munching away.

Maccabee leaves for his new home tomorrow.  We wish him well with his new owner and hope to see him again in the show ring!  Someday the pony will have a name...


Gail said...

Glad you're okay.

Love this song, my grandson plays it on guitar.

lisa said...

Glad you came out of the storm ok, too! Our fair grounds had to be evacuated Sunday because of the flooding. Take care.

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