Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Building a herd

When we got started with horses 11 years ago, we really had no idea what were doing.  We listened to advice that "experienced" horse people gave us, some that worked out for us and some that didn't.  Over the years, we have learned a lot - asked lots of questions of the vet, the farrier, other horse people, figured out the things we want to do, the things we would like to avoid, the type of horse that we prefer, how to take care of a rescue, rehabbing feet, losing a beloved animal.  We learn new things all the time.

We recently gave Rosie away to a wonderful 9 year old girl who will love her for the rest of her life.  We've also reevaluated what we want to do with our horses and the type of showing that T wants to do.  We decided to offer Maccabee for sale since he is kind of being wasted on us.  He's a really excellent English show pony and we were able to find a girl T's age in 4H who shows hunter/jumper locally.  If I could have picked a person for Maccabee, this girl would be it so we're really happy for both pony and rider.  We have also agreed that Rocky will become the barn owner's daughter's new horse.  It seems like a good fit all around.  

So, now the herd consists of Zip, Rooster, Dash, and a new, unnamed dun pinto pony that should be excellent for gaming with a little bit of time.  We're still figuring out what Dash can do (he's some kind of gaited breed) and enjoying him immensely.  No Name came from a farm where he was kept with only cows so he's pretty happy to be part of the herd.  Will post pics soon.

Prepping for Regionals this week.  The top 2 in each class make it to States and T is competing in Barrels (horse) and Poles (horse).

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