Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meet Dash

When we got Jet, we didn't really know anything about him other than he was very well trained.  Someone noticed his brands and told us that he was a Mexican Mustang.  This person had 4 of the same type of ranch horses - Cockroaches, they are called - and used them for gaming and trail riding.  I always said I would have a whole herd of these really awesome horses.

We found Zip at a farm not too far away who, every once in a while, will have a Mexican Mustang for sale.  Then came Rooster from the same farm.  Each time a Mexican Mustang comes up for sale, we have gone to look.  Last week, a flea bitten gray was listed so of course we had to check him out.  He's bigger than most of the horses that we come across - just over 15 hands but stocky - and is as well broke as we had hoped.  The timing worked out that Rosie found a new home and we were able to bring this new guy home.  T named him Dash and he has a great personality.

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