Monday, August 8, 2011

She Gives Me Gray Hairs....

Saturday was the County Roundup show for 4H.  This show qualifies for Regionals which then qualifies for States in Harrisburg in October.  It's a big deal and the one show that T has been working for all year. I was supposed to take pics for the day.  The day started off with the alternator going on the truck so I spent about an hour on the phone and texting trying to find a ride plus trying to get a hold of someone on the club grounds to let them know I wasn't able to take pics.  Luckily my friend Jeanine, who keeps her horse at the same farm, was willing to change her plans and haul us.  So we managed to get to the show grounds with plenty of time for her 3 classes - Pole Bending, Clover Leaf Barrels and Keyhole.  She knocked down 2 poles and had time penalties in Poles so she placed 3rd.  She won barrels but at the end of the run, Zip caught a toe and went down.  He tried really hard to stay up but had too much momemtum so down on his knees he went and he rolled onto his side and onto T.  She completely disappeared under him but the horn stopped him from going completely over and he got back to his feet.  Somehow he managed to avoid stepping on her.  Luckily she has a high horn on her saddle, she was in the sand ring which gave her some cushion and she's pretty tiny.  Craig and I ran into the ring and she popped right up and announced that she was just fine and was going to ride the next class.  Just about gave me and most of the people watching a heart attack.  She skinned her elbows and Zip skinned his knees a little bit but that was all.  PHEW!  She gives me gray hairs....She knocked down a rail in Keyhole so she was disqualified for that class.  She moves onto to Regionals on August 27th for Pole Bending and Barrels.


Coming home from poles



Coming home from barrels, about 2 seconds before he fell



Intense Guy said...

I hope T is still feeling "fine" the morning afterwards. Sounds like a day where nothing was going right.

Deanna said...

"Coming home from poles" is an awesome picture - I love it!
Sounds like both Zip & T have the right spirit to be winners!!

Gail said...

Fantastic pictures and a true cowgirl!

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