Monday, October 31, 2011

Winter Wonderland?!

Forget Fall Harvest, we went right to Winter Wonderland. Mother Nature dropped an early snow on us that just caused chaos. We got about 8 inches of very wet snow that took drown trees limbs, knocked out power and closed roads. Fun!! We don't normally get snow in October (sometimes we don't get snow until late December) and a lot of the trees still had leaves so the snow really stuck and weighed everything down. No pics because our cable is out so no TV, house phone or Internet (doing this on my cell). Luckily some sun and temps in the 50s will help to melt everything and crews can get in to clean up. No school for T - too many road closures to get the buses through.

1 comment:

gtyyup said...

I heard it's quite a mess back there...good to stay home and be safe.

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