Friday, November 11, 2011

Skywatch Friday, Season 5, Episode 18

The Light Before Sunrise

Saturday morning, after I had taken the dogs out in the dark, I decided to drive up the road to take pics of the sunrise.  Mornings have been chilly but I thought I would be fine with the fleece I had on – I was wrong, I froze my butt off!!  I pulled up to the edge of the cornfield that has an awesome view of the sun as it tops the trees and parked my car next to a hunter’s truck.  Because of the hunter’s presence I opted to stay close to the road (I had a dark gray sweatshirt on and kind of blended in).  At this point it was light enough that I didn’t need the car’s headlights but the sun hadn’t yet made an appearance. 

The light just before sunrise was awesome.

The rising sun lit the corn and turned everything gold.

It’s definitely something I will do again but I’ll make sure that I am dressed warmer!

Skywatch Friday


Arija said...

Looks like it is time to rug up in your neck of the woods. Not that I am glad that you froze your butt off, but I am glad you got these great sunrise shots though.

Wenche said...

Love the sky :0)

Janice said...

Nice pics, I love the cornstalks.

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