Monday, December 12, 2011

Goings On

Phew, time seems to be slipping away from me....the end of the year is always hectic at work and it seems that everything else is crazy too.

So...Tiger came to us with feet that weren't in very good condition.  After working with the farrier and discussing with the vet, we all decided that he wasn't going to be the gaming pony we had hoped and we were going to try to find him a good home.  Through the power of the Internet and Facebook, we found his former owner from about 10 years ago and we gave him to her.  She was thrilled to get him back and we were happy since she already knows his personality and how he rides.

In the meantime, we decided to move back to a farm where we had boarded before that would allow us to work on a project or two and was much better set up for training and conditioning.  We moved horses a week and a half ago.  Craig and T did most of the packing up while I was at work and it was a pretty smooth transition.  Everyone settled in well. opportunity came up for a quarter pony mare that a friend of ours got when she was 6 months old.  Her name is Reba, she's 8 now, very sweet with impeccable ground manners and needs some more saddle time (she was broke by Kenny Harlow and has been in a lesson program recently). She came home on Friday.  T has been riding her and she's really happy with her.  She's also working with the QH gelding, The Great Diversion (we still haven't come up with a barn name for him).  She's going to be busy riding all winter.  In the meantime, the vet was at the barn and was checking teeth for me to see who needs to be done.  A pleasant surprise - Dash is 8 years old, not the teenager we thought.  He's the first horse that is younger than what we thought which is awesome.  And T started him on some gaming stuff.  That boy can move!!!  And she's still working Zip to make sure he doesn't lose too much condition over the winter (show season will be here before you know it!).  I've been riding Rooster in the ring and in the woods.  We did a 3 hour trail ride on Saturday - beautiful scenery but a tougher ride than I anticipated.  He was awesome but we were both pretty tired.

Got a bunch of pics to get through and will get some posted.  The temps have dropped and it's been cold even in the sun during the day so I pretty much want to curl up in lots of blankets and stay inside :)

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