Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Great Diversion and Reba

We acquired Amos, as The Great Division has been known, in November on a whim.  He is a very nice horse but is definitely a Western pleasure kind of guy.  Slow and steady should be his motto.  T really enjoyed riding him but it was pretty obvious that he just wasn't the kind of horse that we would really use.  We decided to advertise him locally with the hope that we would find him a home where someone would use him as a Western Pleasure horse and put some finish on him.  A barnmate's daugher (who knows this horse from another boarding barn) is a riding instructor at a college in New York state and happens to show Western.  She was the first one to look at him and ride him and he will be leaving for his new home in about a week and a half.  He will be used in the Western riding program at the college as well as being her own personal riding horse.  It's the best home that we could have hoped for and we are so happy that he will be part of their program!  She is changing him name to Tres (as in the number 3 in Spanish) which I like so much better than Amos.

Reba belonged to a friend of ours who has Mexican Mustangs and, like us, keeps his eye out for them on the rare occassion that one shows up in the area.  As a matter of fact, he was going to look at Dash but we got there first :)  They had acquired Reba as a 6 month old filly from auction and they raised her and sent her off to Kenny Harlow for training.  She has been at a mutual friend's barn for about a year as a lesson horse and was shown at local gymkhana shows last year.  She's 8 years old.  She has impeccable ground manners, is a total pocket pony and is quite the spitfire under saddle - a fun little horse to ride.  She's some kind of QH cross and stands at a sturdy 14 hands.  T has been working with her quite a bit to polish her skills and is very much enjoying having her around.  She fits in really well with our little herd and she's quite photogenic.

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